The Way, The Truth and The Life – KS2

Year Three – The Christian Family

The children will develop their understanding that the Church is the family of God and know that we join this family when we receive the Sacrament of Baptism. They will learn what happens at Baptism and learn about the signs used and why they are used. They will learn about the promises made by parents and godparents at Baptism and develop their understanding of the Sacrament of Baptism.

Year Four – The Bible

The children will learn that the Bible is a story of God’s love and concern for us. They will learn that the Bible is a living book through which God speaks to us and tells us about himself. They will learn that the Bible is one story told

through many different books and they will learn about Moses, David and Jonah as well as learning how to find a Bible reference.

The children will have the chance to:

  • explore how the Bible helps us to pray and experience how God speaks to us in the Bible
  • participate in a liturgy and experience a guided meditation on a text from the Bible

Year Five – Gifts From God

The children will learn the story of Creation and the Fall in the Book of Genesis. They will learn that we are all created in the image and likeness of God and know that God calls us to care for others and all creation with love and respect. They will learn that there are times when we fail to be good stewards of creation. They will also learn that there are people who show great respect for creation and for the weakest members of society.

The children will have the chance to:

  • appreciate how we can show respect for ourselves, for others and for God.
  • reflect on times we have failed to show respect and reflect on the gifts and talents God has given each of us.
  • reflect on the use and misuse we can make of these gifts.

Year Six – The Kingdom of God

The children will learn about the beginning of Jesus’ public life and that he was tempted by the devil. They will know about the conditions for following Jesus and know that Jesus performs mighty works, wonders and signs.

They will learn that through his parables Jesus invites people into the Kingdom of God. They will develop an understanding that deeds, and not just words, are required by Jesus, through the example of the Parable of the two sons.

They will learn why Jesus chose to eat with sinners, learn that we must make use of our talents to gain the Kingdom and develop an understanding that God has boundless love and mercy.                            

The children will have the chance to:                                                                 

  • reflect on our invitation to the Kingdom of God 
  • be aware that we have to do good to enter the Kingdom 
  • deepen our awareness of how we use the talents God has given to us 
  • be aware that through the Sacrament of Reconciliation.