Unique and Special



In developing our curriculum, our school community reflected on what makes St Bernadette’s special and unique.  We organised our thoughts around four elements: ‘The pupils and families which make up our school’; ‘The location of our school’, ‘Our school building and grounds’ and ‘The expertise amongst school staff and other adults in our parish/local community’.   

  • St Bernadette’s is a FAMILY; it’s small enough for everyone to know each other really well
  • St Bernadette’s pupils are well-behaved, well-mannered, kind and very, very proud of their school
  • Pupils and adults always try to work as a team to make St Bernadette’s the best school it can be
  • Pupils and adults in our school are positive and hard working
  • Everybody in St Bernadette’s has a VOICE and the opportunity to contribute to decision making
  • Our Catholic identity is vitally important to us, but we welcome pupils and families of all faiths and none
  • Our diversity helps us learn about and respect different cultures and faiths
  • We are an important part of our parish and local community and we work hard to make a positive difference to those who live and work on our doorstep
  • We work in close partnership with visiting specialists and other partners; they play a vital role in our school
  • We have always been known for our smart uniform and we want this to continue
  • We love to open the doors of our school so others can share in our learning
  • We are located right next to St Bernadette’s Church, so can easily connect with our parish in lots of different ways
  • We are located next to Reddish Vale Country Park which promotes outside learning
  • We share the school site with Brown Bear Nursery and Pre-school which enables us to make links and help with transition
  • We are lucky to have a large open field which allows us to have a polytunnel and organic garden where we grow plants and vegetables to cook; a nature trail; a story chair for outdoor drama and literacy; a willow dome; peace pavillion  picnic benches and playground
  • We have been awarded costs by a football association to have an area astro-turfed for sporting events
  • We have a cooking area for regular cooking for all ages
  • We have a Peace Room where pupils can pray, meditate and and experience tranquillity when they need to
  • We provide a wide range of extra curricular activities