Admission to Breakfast Club is £1:50 per day and includes three items from the menu. 

Opening Times : 08.00 – 08.55am (Monday to Friday, Term time only)


Jamelia visits Breakfast Club to celebrate the Kellogg’s Breakfast Club Awards 
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A nutritious breakfast is provided, which includes hot food, cereal, toast, fruit juice, milk or water.  There will also be a ‘themed’ breakfast from time to time giving the children the opportunity to try different foods. Please make staff aware of any food allergies.


Activities in Breakfast Club


Your child will have the opportunity to complete homework that they may have or take part in the various activities that are provided, which include using computers, board games, arts and crafts, physical activities and other stimulating activities suitable for all age groups.



Opening Times

To ensure safe arrival, all children must be dropped off at the front school entrance and contact made with a member of the team.

Once registered/booked in, children can be left at the breakfast club between 8:00 am. Entry to the Breakfast Club closes at 8:30am.