Brinnington Out of School Club (BOSC) is based at Westmorland Primary School and is an Ofsted registered out of school club.

It is open everyday from the end of school until 6pm and collects children from all Brinnington Primary Schools.

Each school holiday the club is open from 8am – 6pm.

BOSC provides a safe friendly environment where children are free to play. Activities are led by interest and enthusiasm of each child and take account of any likes and dislikes and specific needs each child may have.

The friendly and approachable staff are highly responsive, work as a team and think on their feet to be a resource to the children providing assistance where necessary. There is a minimum of 1 adult to every 8 children and a minimum of 2 staff at any one time.

It is the policy of BOSC to be fully inclusive and to work with children and their parents to ensure that children’s’ individual needs are met.

What parents have said about BOSC: handprints

“The staff are always helpful”

“Excellent atmosphere and a positive attitude to all children”

“Excellent playscheme with plenty of organised activities”

What children have said about BOSC:

“I love the computer suite”

” I like to meet my friends”

” A place to have fun”

Visits to BOSC are welcomed.  For more information or to book a place please contact: Childcare Coordinator on 474 4471 or Play Leader 07891 949186