Science in St Bernadette’s school is about developing children’s ideas in order to enable them to make sense of the world in which they live. We do this through whole-class teaching, practical investigation and using and applying process skills.

Our aims in teaching science include:

  • helping develop and extend our children’s scientific concept of the world
  • helping our children acquire an understanding of scientific ideas
  • providing our children with an enjoyable experience of science, so that they will develop a deep and lasting interest and may be motivated to study science further
  • preparing our children for life in a scientific and technological world
  • fostering concern about, and caring for, the environment.
  • encouraging children to follow their own lines of enquiry


We place great emphasis on investigative skills in science.  It is important that children understand scientific methods and learn to conduct fair tests with accuracy.  We believe that children understand scientific concepts more effectively if they have practical experience of undertaking experiments.

When “working scientifically,” our children learn how to make comparisons and identify similarities and differences; make careful observations and draw conclusions from their observations; make predictions and suggest questions that can be tested; plan and carry out investigations with fair tests; collect evidence, present results and draw conclusions.

Our children’s learning is enhanced through a variety of science “experiences” throughout the year. These include:

  • STEM based wonder days including; Forensic days, CREST award themed days, Hi-Impact STEM days utilising specialist equipment
  • Science themed school trips