Meet our Foundation Stage Team


Mr T Lambert

EYFS Leader and Deputy Head Teacher

Miss M Waldron-Green

FS1 Teacher

Mrs C Howard

FS 2 Teacher

Miss T Milward

EYFS Teaching Assistant



Miss M West

EYFS Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Clarke

EYFS Teaching Assistant



Our Foundation Stage team are highly experienced Early Years practitioners who look forward to working with you, ensuring that your child’s learning journey in the Foundation Stage is full of awe, wonder, excitement and achievement.

Our Foundation Stage team aim to provide a nurturing and caring environment. Safeguarding is a priority. We look to ensure that children feel safe and we aim to promote children’s welfare and strive to safeguard children at all times. We look to ensure children’s safety, while not unduly inhibiting their risk-taking.

All staff are organised to support the children in a balance of adult led and child-initiated experiences throughout the day.  All children have access to the outdoor classroom each day.  Practitioners are aware of the need to be flexible to respond to unplanned events that the children are interested in.

All staff have a good knowledge of the EYFS Framework and of Development Matters in the Early Years. All of the Foundation Stage team are fully trained in Paediatric First Aid and have received food hygiene and allergy training.


Key Person Approach

The class teacher is responsible for the well-being of all of the children in each class.

In addition, as set out in the EYFS Statutory Framework 2021, each child is assigned a ‘key person’ who may be the teacher or a teaching assistant.  Parents are informed of who their child’s key person is and receive information about their role.

The key person’s responsibilities include:

  • Helping the child to become familiar with the setting
  • Building a relationship with each child’s parents, working in partnership with them to ensure that the child is being cared for appropriately
  • Responding sensitively to the child’s needs, feelings, ideas and behaviour.
  • Ensuring that the learning opportunities on offer meet the needs of each child