All of our Year 6 children are currently completing the Faith in Action Award.  

The Faith in Action Award encourages young people through recognising, rewarding and celebrating their active faith lived out through service and reflection. The Award helps them connect their life and faith in a tangible manner.

In journeying through the Award, young people should experience a deepening of their relationship with God and find themselves exploring that relationship. It is hoped that through their relationship and action, others will see God’s love through them.

Year 6 are working toward achieving pin level.  At pin level, participants will begin a journey of discovering what it means for faith to be active. They will come to know more about how their faith and relationship with God has an outward and visible effect on them and those around them. 

To complete the award Year 6 are taking part in lots of activities. They are regularly leading whole school Collective Worship, organising prayer and reflection for younger children, leading Bible Buddy Sessions with FS2 and they are also encouraged to read at mass. 

Year 6 are also supporting the school council in leading and driving charity work and fundraising throughout the year for local and global causes. 

All participants have a scrap book where they can gather evidence and reflect on the activities that have taken place.  They will also be participating in several reflection days throughout the year. 

In the summer term there is an award ceremony for all children who have completed the award in the diocese.