Nature Trail – Exploring nature outdoors.

The school’s Nature Trail is a great way to get children outside looking and exploring. It is used to introduce animals, plants, life cycles, food webs, ecology, conservation issues, and a myriad of other science topic. In Key Stage One children investigate topics such as “Growing Plants”, “Variation” and “Plants and Animals in the Local Environment”.

Key Stage Two children use the trail when studying lifecycles and habitats.

The Peace Pavilion

The Peace Pavilion is a place for children to come when they want to enjoy the peace and tranquility of their surroundings.

At break times children decide when they want to use this facility instead of more traditional playground activities.

The Pavilion doubles as a versatile outdoor classroom where many areas of the curriculum are enjoyed, from science lessons to story time and guided reading.

Adventure Playground

EYFS and KS1 children have access to a newly built adventure playground.