banner2.pngAt St Bernadette’s Primary School we want our children to “BE THE BEST THEY CAN BE”,  therefore the mental health and the wellbeing of our children is of paramount importance. We recognise that at any given time our children might experience a challenge, a life changing event or an emotion need that can leave them vulnerable and needing more support. We firmly believe that Mental Health is everybody’s responsibility.

Wellbeing Groups 

Mindful Monday

KS1 – Take part in activities that involve following instructions, listening and taking turns as well as relaxation sessions
Relaxation sessions are designed to talk to children about how emotions make them feel in their body. Does being sad make them feel tired, or does excitement give them butterflies in their tummy? What emotion do they feel when they can’t stop smiling about something? This can help them understand what emotions they are feeling and why, and begin to see the connection between how they feel in their mind and in their body. One way children develop resilience is by learning how to manage their emotions. This doesn’t mean teaching them to feel fewer emotions, but instead teaching them to recognise how different emotions make them act and behave, and finding ways to manage their feelings in a healthy way.

KS2 – Yoga

Yoga and mindfulness have been shown to improve both physical and mental health in school-age children. One of the main benefits of yoga for children is allowing them the opportunity to reconnect their minds and bodies and this helps to alleviate stress, aggression and behavioural issues. They can perform the breathing exercises in any setting, including the classroom to calm themselves down and relax.

Talking Tuesday

Buddy time

We communicate and interact with each other in different ways learning the skill of interaction is really important for having good conversations. We need to learn when to talk and when to listen, how to take turns.

Wellbeing Wednesday

Activities include cooking/ baking and gardening
Cooking is meditative any activity that takes your whole attention especially if it’s simple and repetitive can have a calming, meditative quality.
Baking is creative; psychologists have found a strong connection between creative expression and overall wellbeing.
Gardening is educational and helps to develops new skills such as self-confidence from achieving their goals and enjoying the food they have grown. Learning about nutrition and where fresh food comes from will help them to stay healthy.

Together Thursday

Spending regular quality time and engaging in activities strengthens the family bond.

Friendly Friday

Lego play

Play is beneficial for all children, and it is integral to their mental and emotional health. Incorporating a little bit of playfulness can enhance your health greatly, and LEGO lets you do that. LEGO is better known for fostering creativity and a love of learning in children. Children can use LEGO as a means of coping with stress and anxiety









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