We aim to foster the growth of Faith by providing a caring environment which values the contribution of each individual, promotes love and respect for God and each other and encourages a strong sense of community. Religious Education is concerned with children’s feelings, experiences, questions and responses to life. It allows them to explore Christianity through the Catholic tradition and is an important contribution to the faith development of our children.

Our aims are:-
1. To encourage and develop the spiritual and moral growth of the individual and to make our Catholic/Christian faith a meaningful experience.
2. To promote a stimulating and relevant curriculum, which enables each individual to achieve their full potential and aspire to high standards.
3. To develop a committed, active relationship between all those who are involved with our school by fostering home, parish and community links.
4. To encourage co-operation, active relationship between all those who are involved with this school, every opportunity to succeed.
5. To create a happy, safe working environment, where each person is recognised as unique and where there is mutual respect and trust amongst all in the school.

How RE is taught

In our teaching of Religious Education we involve a wider range of teaching techniques and active learning opportunities. We believe that RE is best learnt in interesting contexts in which pupils can see its significance and meaning for their own lives.In order to develop curiosity, creativity and independent thought, we teach through:
– Stories;
–  Encouraging children to listen to one another;
– Discussion – pairs/small groups/class;
– Talk partners to promote speaking and listening;
– Small group work;
– Art/craft work;
– Children reporting to class;
– Movement/drama/assembly/performance;
– Singing/musical instruments;
– Working quietly – writing, reading, asking questions;
– Sitting quietly in reflective prayer;
– Make cross-curricular links;
– Educational trips and guest speakers;
– Inviting parents to share in the celebration of liturgy and worship;
– Display;
– Restorative Approach/Circle time, worry box, counselling.