Our Peace Room has been designed to give all who use it a calm, peaceful and thoughtful setting where they can relax and be involved in activities that allow them to experience an opportunity to explore their feelings. From the drapes, the contemplative music, the candles, the smell of essences and the furnishings children and staff can consider their lives and their emotions.


  • Children can express their worries and discuss these with staff in pastoral sessions.
  • Children can be involved in mindfulness sessions where activities encourage them to be aware of the ‘here and now’.
  • Children can discuss the ‘Big Questions’ in their lives.
  • Older children can discuss the meaning of the messages from scripture as they work as ‘Bible Buddies’ with younger age groups.
  • Children can plan and prepare their own collective worship which they present to class and whole school groups.


In our school we consider that such activities provide our children with opportunities to develop a spiritual and moral dimension in a calm and relaxed setting. Away from their hectic lives our children are encouraged to take time to consider who they are and their place in God’s world. The peace room is their special place in our very special school.