St Bernadette’s is a Catholic school where the message of Christ inspires the curriculum and all aspects of school life. Religious education is in accordance with Roman Catholic doctrine and practice.

The School provides the kind of education which enables each pupil to become a dedicated member of the Catholic Church and a responsible citizen aiming to: values and ethos image

  • encourage and develop the spiritual and moral growth of the individual and to make our Catholic/Christian faith a meaningful experience
  • provide a stimulating and relevant curriculum which enables each individual to achieve their full potential
  • develop a committed, active relationship between all those who are involved with our school, by fostering home, parish and community links
  • encourage co-operation, support and motivation, which will provide all who are involved with this school every opportunity to succeed
  • create a happy, safe working environment, where each person is recognised as unique and where there is mutual respect and trust amongst all in the school

Like many other Diocesan schools, St Bernadette’s uses “The Way, The Truth and The Life” Catholic education scheme.

Information on “The Way, The Truth and The Life” can be found in the pages within Our Faith.