Pastoral Care

Our school has a duty to provide for:

  • social and emotional welfare of pupils
  • special needs provision
  • child protection
  • support for parents

If you have a concern about your child please contact his or her teacher.

Mrs Walsh is the school’s Special Educational Needs and Disability Co-ordinator responsible for overseeing the implementation of the schools Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy.

This involves liaising with parents and carers and local authority agencies catering for children with additional needs, to provide the best support for children deemed to have a special educational need, behavioural difficulties, a health concern or a disability. She also implements support programmes for children who require support with speaking and understanding English.

Should you have a concern regarding any of these issues, speak initially with your child’s teacher.

Mrs Walsh is responsible for pastoral care in school.

On occasion, parental concerns of a more serious nature, such as incidents of bullying, will be referred by the class teacher to Mrs Walsh.

They will liaise with parents and implement procedures to ensure these issues are resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned.

Mrs Walsh is also responsible for children who have been placed in the care of the Local Authority (known as Looked After Children).

Ms Jones, Mrs Walsh and Mr Lambert are responsible for safeguarding children in St Bernadette’s.

This involves situations where there might be concerns about the physical or emotional well-being of a child either at home or at school. It is not the role of schools to investigate such concerns so on these occasions the school would seek advice from outside agencies such as the school nurse, the police or social services who can make appropriate enquiries and assessments.

Parents will always be kept informed unless there is a concern regarding the immediate safety of a child that has been passed on to social services who will decide on a course of action if necessary. Procedures for child protection are outlined in the school’s Safeguarding Policy.

All of our policies are available to view in the Policies page of this website, or a printed copy is available from phoning our school office on 0161 – 430 – 4601









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