Curriculum Entitlement

There is an inclusive ethos within St Bernadette’s which honours the life, dignity and voice of each person, made in the image of God.  All pupils have access to a rich and challenging education which takes account of their individual interests and needs. Key knowledge and skills have been identified for all subjects and progression of learning planned.  All teaching staff devise learning sequences which respond to the learning needs of each pupil. No pupil is ‘left behind’ or remains unchallenged. We continually endeavour to give every child the same opportunity to succeed, maintaining a clear focus on equity and closing the poverty-related attainment gap.  There is an equal focus on More Able pupils. Regular meetings between the Head Teacher, SENDCO and Class Teachers ensure that the needs of pupils are identified early so that appropriate interventions can be promptly put in place. All pupils engage in regular dialogue with their Class Teacher and subject leaders to ensure they are provided with appropriate support and challenge. If you want to find out more about the curriculum your child is following, please speak to your child’s teacher.

Whilst planning our enrichment activities, we aim to provide our children with experiences they may not have had the opportunity to be part of in their home lives:

Organisation and Planning

We plan our curriculum in three phases. We agree a long-term plan for each key stage and long term overviews are devised to show the coverage of subject content and cross curricular links for each year group. In Key Stage 2, the long term plans are devised so that children access the whole of the curriculum. We review long-term plans on an annual basis. In the Early Years, long term planning follows the structure of the “Development Matters in the Early Years”.  Topics are planned over a two year cycle.

Through our medium-term plans, we give clear guidance on the objectives, teaching strategies, teaching content and assessment opportunities for each subject.  Medium term planning in EYFS is carried out collaboratively with the involvement of all Early Years staff.

Our short-term plans are those that our teachers write on a weekly or daily basis.  School policy has agreed that if medium term planning has adequate detail to use as short term planning, then these must be dated and annotated with evaluations after the delivery of the lesson.  A notebook records further details of short term planning which may include pupil groupings and differentiated tasks and resources required for these tasks. In EYFS a weekly plan is enlarged and displayed for all staff.

We work collaboratively in phase groups to ensure there is coherence, progression and full coverage of skills and knowledge within our curriculum.  









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