Parent Voice

Analysis of responses to Parent questionnaire 2018


Strongly Agree



Strongly Disagree

My child is happy at school.

36 16 1  

My child feels safe at school.

39 14 1  

My child makes good progress at school.

35 18    

My child is well looked after at school.

38 15    

My child is taught well at school.

38 15    

My child receives appropriate homework for their age.

33 18 2  

The school makes sure its pupils are well behaved.

33 19 1  

The school deals effectively with bullying.

32 20 1  

The school is well led and managed.

36 16 1  

The school responds well to any concerns I raise.

40 10 2 1

I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress

34 15 4  

I would recommend this school to another parent.

40 12 1  

What are your views on children’s learning experiences across the school including homework?

All the views on our children’s learning experience were extremely positive – ‘learning is fun and exciting’ is quoted on many questionnaires.

The response regarding homework is varied with a number of parental comments making reference to the positive consistency and clarity of homework tasks. Feedback on the quantity of homework varied (some parents felt there was too little; some too much).

Any other comments:

The findings of the questionnaire were extremely positive. These comments thank the school for the high quality of provision their children are experiencing at St Bernadette’s. There were concerns from 3 parents about their children receiving sugary treats for rewards.

What have we done in response to the questionnaire?

Homework - We have changed the way we do homework.  Following your feedback and using research from the Educational Endowment Foundation (EFF), we have created a new homework process.

The broader evidence base suggests that short focused tasks or activities which relate directly to what is being taught, and which are built upon in school, are likely to be more effective than regular daily homework. (Ref: EFF Homework : Primary December 2018)

From Year 1 to Year 5, we send home weekly time tables and spellings to be learned.  We continue to place the emphasis on reading at home where there is consistent evidence that it is linked to educational success for children when they read at home every day as well as at school.

In order to motivate our children to work independently and inspire interest, we have set out a list of activities based around the topic or book the pupils are studying in class.  These activities range from building models; writing diaries and travel brochures to cooking and research.  So far, we have seen an excellent and above all, imaginative response to these activities.

Year 6 children have Literacy and Numeracy homework as well as spellings to learn every week.  This supports the transition to secondary school.

We also provide links on our website with games to practise literacy and numeracy skills.  If parents would like teachers to recommend books that they would like for their children, this can also be arranged.

Sweet Treats

 In response to the parents who were concerned about sugary sweets being given to pupils, we have spoken to all staff and encouraged prizes and incentives to be more in the form of points, stickers, extra playtimes etc., in our efforts to limit sweet treats.









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